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RMA Policy

Hardware warranty

  • The standard warranty period is of 1 year after the date of sale of the equipment.
  • The warranty can be extended to 3 years for Customers subscribing to a Maintenance and Support Services agreement. Support Services for the Hardware consist of replacing the Product if it is proven to be faulty due to a Hardware's failure.
  • In case of hardware's failure after the expiry of the extended Warranty period, Customer will be charged for the repair or hardware upgrade
  • Support Services for the Hardware will be subject to the conditions specified in the UDcast's Maintenance and Support Services Agreement, unless otherwise agreed
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RMA conditions

RMA eligibility

Customer should submit a support request to UDcast to report a hardware's failure. UDcast will not accept return of any Product unless UDcast has acknowledged the Hardware Product failure by providing Customer with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) reference number and Customer has completed the Return Material Authorization form, see below.

Usage conditions

Customer should store and operate the Product in the conditions described in the Product documentation. If UDcast establishes sufficient evidence that the Product has not been used in normal conditions or as described in the Product documentation, Customer will be charged for the Product repair.

Shipment conditions

  • For equipments covered by the warranty or the Maintenance and Support Services agreement: UDcast will ship to Customer a replacement Product within the next four (4) working days following the day on which Customer has provided UDcast with a completed RMA form. UDcast's commitment is to ship within the time specified and UDcast is not responsible for delays in transport, handling, clearing or delivery. UDcast will pay for the transport to the client's premises, including customs duties and the client will pay for the return transport to UDcast's HQ offices customs duties.
  • For equipments with expired warranty: Shipment costs for the return transport to UDcast and the transport to the client.s premises will be at the customer's charge.
  • To avoid customs issues, the DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) option should be selected on the Shipment Company form, which means that all taxes and customs duties will be taken by the shipper.
  • The RMA reference should be mentionned on the pack to facilitate its processing.

Replacement conditions

UDcast reserves the right to replace the Product with another Product having the same or higher level of performance and features. UDcast may use new or repaired parts with the same level of quality for the replaced Product.
UDcast will not provide any Warranty on the replaced Product beyond the initial Warranty Period.


RMA form PDF / 30 Kb RMA form
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